Upcoming Online Summit

Summit Series #1: STR Policy and Compliance

Smart City Policy Group is pleased to announce the launch of our new Online Summit Series! The first episode in the series, STR Policy and Compliance, will dive into a range of different topics, and will feature a panel of some of the most knowledgeable voices in the Short-term Rental Industry.

Register today to attend the upcoming STR Policy and Compliance Online Summit! (Upcoming programming dates will be announced soon.)

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Upcoming Online Summit

    Smart City Policy Summit

    The Future of Cities: Travel, Mobility, and Housing

    Postponed until Spring 2024

    Smart City Policy Group is postponing our in-person summit in Austin, TX, to Spring 2024. Click the Stay Informed button to receive updates about upcoming summits!

    Housing solutions: New innovations and planning can be the answer to your workforce and attainable housing needs.
    The next in Multi-Family housing, and the shift in Corporate Housing and new business travel
    Transportation solutions: Parking solutions to ease local burdens, how eVTOL will connect destinations, building transportation infrastructure to connect effectively and drive local economies, the growth of autonomous vehicles, and micro-mobility solutions.