Smart City Policy Summit

Smart City Policy Awards

To enter your government initiative, destination solution, or industry effort as a “best practice” nomination, please include the following information:

  1. No more than a 1-page briefing memo that answers
    • Description of your initiative/solution or project
    • Goal and success of your initiative/solution or project
    • Why this initiative/solution or project should be considered a “best practice”
    • *Include any helpful links or articles
  2. Submit your nomination, on no more than a 1-page document, by September 8, 2023 at:

Housing: New concepts to address affordable, workforce and attainable housing

New Innovation Economy: How cities or counties address new innovations, integrate them, or achieve compliance

Transportation: New approaches to connecting destinations, or providing solutions for inner-community travel

Downtown, Mixed-Use or Multi-Family: New concepts for Downtown, creating Mixed-Use Density, or Multi-Family solutions