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October 4, 2023
Doors Open at 8:00 AM and the Summit Program Runs from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Austin Central Library
710 W. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78701

Regular Price: $189.00
Early Bird Special: $129.00 

Smart City Policy Summit

The Future of Cities: Travel, Mobility, and Housing

What You Will Learn:
Housing solutions: New innovations and planning can be the answer to your workforce and attainable housing needs.
The next in Multi-Family housing, and the shift in Corporate Housing and new business travel
Transportation solutions: Parking solutions to ease local burdens, how eVTOL will connect destinations, building transportation infrastructure to connect effectively and drive local economies, the growth of autonomous vehicles, and micro-mobility solutions.
Areas of Discussion

1: Technology solutions and compliance success in the New Innovation Economy

2: Community engagement, data analysis and policy creation

3: How one county created a national best practice, and defied expected negatives

4: The future of Multi-Family, Corporate Housing and shifting business travel

5: Community planning: a comprehensive take on creating neighborhoods for the future

6: Workforce housing and attainable housing: what are the new innovations, and can they help?

7: Parking and mobility solutions: making a plan for a sustainable system

8: Transportation, transit and connections: how are we getting to, and around, our destinations.